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BarCamp Graz November 2008

Zitat Website: Ein BarCamp ist eine "Unkonferenz". Statt einem fixen Programm von Frontalpräsentationen erlaubt es den Teilnehmern, in einem offenen Rahmen ihre Erfahrungen und Ideen auszutauschen. Das Programm wird bewusst erst vor Ort erstellt, von den Teilnehmern für die Teilnehmer. BarCamps haben ihre Wurzeln in der innovativen Internet-Szene. Du wirst dort dort also viele Entwickler, […]

Antiverpeil HOWTO

Yesterday I've found (THX 2 mika ) an interesting HOWTO for – you could say: "Better time management" – called "Antiverpeil" by su-she. I've read and believe everybody can learn something from this 'special' HOWTO. But be care you don't "verpeil" some important task by reading this ;). Attention: The HOWTO is written in german.

Customizing WordPress

I’ve added ‘Anti Spam Image‘ a plugin for comment-spam purposes. Next I choosed a new theme named ‘plaintxtBlog‘, which is very lightweight designed. If there’s time I’ll customize this theme a little bit more 😉 What I’ve forgotten to mention .. I decided to write this blog in english .. reasons: A bigger audience can […]

1st Post in my new blog :)

Hi all, because nowadays just everybody is ‘blogging’ I’ve also decided to do it :). As you (maybe) can see, I’ ve choosen WordPress (WP) as blog sw. Reasons? Much Features, well usability, WP seems to be stable .. and last but not least security reasons: WP is Open Source SW Many active installations There’s […]